Bar 7 Brand_edited_edited.jpg


As you sit down at end of the bar, and look up to the right, there is a photo of a man.  It's quite large, so, he must be of some importance or significance. Owner? No, "the girls" own the bar. Partner? No, it's just the two of them. Husband? No, they're both single. The man in the photo is much more than all of those.  The man, is J. Gentry; and he, is the REASON.

     The truth is, without J. Gentry, the girls would never have bought the 7. They came down (from Montana) at the time because he was sick. They came with the primary purpose of caring for and spending time with J.. He even had his own personal chef with Tina. They had no intentions of buying a bar, but, if you believe in those moments, where God puts you exactly in the place you’re meant to be, then you might consider it a God-incidence. They were told the bar was for sale, and were encouraged by Michelle’s brother, Kirk, to buy it. They entertained the idea and eventually took that idea ever!! 
    There were numerous things that needed to be repaired, including the bar itself.

    Bar 7, the brand, along with J.'s brands (which also included a 7...yet another God-incidence) were incorporated into the bar top in 8 locations. The finished product is beautiful!! Michelle told her dad what she had done for the top of the bar, and, needless to say, J. was proud.  Michelle was even more excited for him to see it. Unfortunately, J. died, before he was able to return to Wickenburg to see the accomplishments and improvements the girls had made. 
   So, it’s only fitting, that down at the end of the bar, perfectly placed, is a picture of J. Where he can look down that bar, and see his brand connected to the Bar 7 brand, with a smile on his face, knowing, that he, is the reason, for it all.